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Mark Nesbitt

Director | Love Accountancy Devon

Love Accountancy is brought to you by Mark Nesbitt, who has worked as an accountant and entrepreneur for 20 years. Mark believes that small and medium-sized businesses are the future of the local & global economy and he’s excited about being a part of this journey.

After obtaining a degree in Business Studies, Mark trained as an accountant with a firm in Plymouth. He took his accountancy exams during this time at Reed Business School. After finishing training he ran a mountain bike holiday company in Spain, gaining entrepreneurial skills to complement his training. Mark returned to Devon and accountancy in 2013, working for and helping develop a local, progressive firm of accountants, before once again venturing out with his own ideas.

Mark is a keen mountain biker, loves a great cup of coffee, spending time with his family and is passionate about giving back to the local community through volunteering. Currently he’s volunteering for the following organisations:

  • Mountain Rescue – North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team as a full Hill Party Member
  • Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England – Trainee handler with Trainee Search Dog Tio!
  • The Prince’s Trust – A business mentor helping young people launch their business ideas and realise their business dreams


Chantal Profile Photo

Chantal Lagrin

Director | Love Accountancy London

Chantal has worked as a qualified accountant and commercial manager in both the UK and Australia as well as owning a London based small business. Known for her friendly, helpful, and personal approach, with over 30 years of commercial and financial experience and as a director of a small business, Chantal knows and understands the joys, stresses, and challenges of running and building a business. She has worked with a wide range of business environments from sole traders to PLC’s and enjoys supporting and helping businesses to thrive. Chantal holds both UK and Australian accounting qualifications and has worked in a number of industries including a strong knowledge of the property management, building and construction sectors. And having lived in SE London for over 25 years has good knowledge of the local area and community.


Tony Shanahan

Director | Love Accountancy London

Tony has a degree in Business Studies and after a successful corporate career working in a variety of operations management roles in both the UK and Australia, made a career change to initially support Chantal to provide services to the property management industry, and now as co-owner of Love Accountancy London South East. Tony has over 35 years of operational experience to call on, managed finances ranging from residential management companies to small start up projects to large operational teams and has worked as a professional coach helping people to make positive changes in their working lives.Tony has an approachable, calm, supportive and pragmatic approach, and shares Chantal’s interest in working with and helping owners of small and medium businesses to manage their finances in a way that helps them get the business results and lifestyle they want.


Ben Poole


Babette Forbes



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