Webinar and privacy:

Hey. A quick update on the webinar and how it might affect privacy. So please read.

This will be a 40 min webinar (using Zooms virtual meeting software). It’s not technically a webinar, as that costs extra (at a time like this we need to consider our costs).

When you join the meeting, your video should be automatically off (I selected this option when creating the meeting). So will your sound.

Other attendees will see your screen name, so feel free to just use your first name for privacy. Please use your real name so I know who you are.

Questions can be sent by the chat function (to everyone or just me). You can speak,  if you want to (others will hear you). You can have your video on if you want (again, others will see you).

Obviously any answers I give will be scenario based and I won’t reveal any sensitive info about you or your business.

Lets see how this goes! If successful, we can do more. Make them longer in future or change the format. Maybe a bit of a community feel is just what we all need.

Joining instructions:

Mark Nesbitt is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: My Meeting
Time: Mar 31, 2020 10:00 AM London

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Meeting ID: 372 815 372