Self Employment Income Support

Updates following 29th May announcement

  • [IMPORTANT] If you’ve not claimed your first grant – then you need to do so by 13th July  
  • There’s a second (final) grant available in August 
  • Second grant is 70% of average earnings (to April 2019) with a cap of £2,188 per month 

A quick reminder, if you haven’t already applied, the second instalment of the SEIS grant is available for application – following a similar process to the first grant. See Gov’s website for details and follow their instructions.

Applications for the second and final grant are now open. Make your claim from the date we give you. If you’re eligible and your business has been adversely affected on or after 14 July 2020, you must make your claim for the second grant on or before 19 October 2020.

More information:

Check your eligibility

You can now check your eligibility for the above SEIS grant. If you’re eligible, HMRC will give you an access date to the portal (which is not yet open). The sooner you check eligibility the sooner you’ll get access.

Check your eligibility here:

We can not make the claim for you. However, we will help you prepare the claim and review your eligibility with you. This is because you have to self certify the impact Covid-19 has had on your business. If you’re not impacted, then you shouldn’t be making a claim.

You will need to be able to access your Government Gateway portal. If you don’t already have a Gov Gateway ID then you’ll need to get one quickly.

Access your Gateway Account

See this log in for help on getting or retrieving your Gov Gateway ID:

What you need to check your eligibility:

  • Your UTR (10 digits long and available on your tax return/communication with HMRC)
  • Your National Insurance Number (this should also be on your tax return)
  • You Gateway ID (see above)

If you’re eligible, you’ll be given an access date from 13th May 2020 onwards.

If you’re not eligible, you can appeal by following the online instructions.

Payments will be made early June 2020.

See our blog post on what you can claim here:

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